Quarry trek 2019 | Hike with your dog
Trenkturas invites all the hiking enthusiasts to join in a uniq summer “Quarry Trek” which is to take place in other planets look-a-like Karpenai, Mentys and Alkiskis quarrys. Hiking routes lay within the unique Akmene limestone deposits which have been formed 300 mln. Years ago, and were turned to endless horizons of moon surface like landscape and canoyns up to 40 meters’ height by human induced activity. During the event participants are see up from a close the biggest walking excavator in the Baltic states.
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On the 21st of September at Coastline Trek’19: Klaipeda with Gjensidige adventure we invite you to come along with our most faithful companions – dogs. Our team and friends, Purina Adventuros, will take care of your four-legged wellbeing at the event, so:

  • we will provide areas on the trail where you can refresh dogs with drinking water;
  • when returning to the finish you will be rewarded with medals and treats full of wild meat flavors by Purina Adventuros.

Dear dog owners, we ask you to keep in mind:

  • all dogs must be kept on a leash;
  • if required by breed use with muzzle;
  • collecting pet “surprises” is your responsibility.

The best adventures are the ones you experience together!